Monday, 25 June 2012

Bowl Carving Course

Last week I attended a bowl carving course with robin wood, and I have to say that was an eye opener to the skills needed to carve bowls.

I turned up on the wednesday and pitched my tent and spent first couple hours sharpening my axe since I had a couple hours to kill. We started by selecting and splitting some willow into sizeable pieces for the bowl mate and removing the bark so we could draw the design.

The first tool we had to use was an adze which was to carve out the inside of the bowl and was actually a lot easier to use than I thought. first came the big roughing cuts to remove as much mass as quickly as possible and then came the more gentle smoothing cuts. After getting to grips with the adze the results showed

After the the adze came the the gouges and hook tools to smooth off all the cuts and make it nice.

Then came the axe to remove the waste wood to give shape to the ends.

and finally finishing of the outside with a push knife and a spokeshave to give its final shape. The push knife was a fun tool, like a drawknife but the opposite.  The finished bowl is at the bottom.

hoping to make a few more some time soon :-)


  1. Beautiful shape. Thanks for the pictures. Will try to do something similar (without the nice tools you have :( ). Normally i carve bowls from the inside. Never thought of starting on the outside....

    Best regards,

    1. thank you maarten

      sadly i don't own these tools. they were just for whilst i was on robins course. though i did get a hans karlsson bowl adze whilst i was there :-).

      it is an interesting design hollowing from the outside i have to say. some how though i do prefer hollowing from the inside of the log as those types of bowl have a lovely character when in use.