Thursday, 16 August 2012

Life of A Wooden Spoon

Bit of an odd post but felt it was appropriate after looking at some of my wood ware I made a while ago.

As people we all use utensils too cook and eat with. Many of these could made of stainless steel, wood, or plastic. Stainless steel tends to have nice polish on it and as the name states doesn't stain that much so a spoon made of that will look brand new in 10 years time. Plastic reacts the same but over time may just lose its shine a little.

Wood on the other hand I find tends to tell a story of its life. When I was cleaning a cooking and eating spoon today they looked very different since they were made. The eater is made out of maple 2 years ago and has since them dulled to a nice brown, also has been chipped on the handle. The cooking spoons bowl has turned yellow after making some carrot coriander soup and the back of the handle has some small burns from being left on the edge of the pan. They both tell a story of being used and age nicely giving both a distinct character (one that can't be reproduced). And they will continue to gain character for the rest of their working lives.

Also last week I sent a spoon to a friend in Colombia for her birthday. I wonder what that spoon will look like after a few years of use over there. One thing is true, that it will be a well travelled spoon.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Quick update

Only a quick post today. Spent Sunday doing some re-enactment with the Savilles Household at croft castle near wale and I was lucky enough to do some bowl turning on my pole lathe whilst I was there (thanks to gary ball for bringing some poles). Was a fantastic venue and a fun day out with lots of public who were very interested in the pole lathe and how bowls were made.

I was only able to produce two bowls out of sycamore as I had to keep stopping and starting throughout the day. But was great to see adults and children who were interested in medieval bowls and medieval history.

Can't wait to do more turning next year with the society and maybe a few more crafts such as spoon carving and bowl carving.