Sunday, 8 August 2010

Long Time No Carve

Has been a while since my last blog. have been doing a lot more sewing than woodworking over the last month. but have just put the needle and thread down to do some spoon carving last night and I feel better for it :-).

but what I wanted to blog on was a book that I have recently bought about the worshipful company of turners. Being a re-enacter interested in the history of woodwork, its important that I understand the old livery companies, and guilds. one of them being the company of turners.

the book details the companys history since its formation duruing the early middle ages to the 20th century. one gets a good feel for a crafts legeacy when looking at this book. it also gives an explanation of what a guild is which has been the biggest help to me. So hopefully when i get my medieval pole lathe for shows i will have a good enough backround in the crafts history to get across to the public.