Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Volunteer Work

Today has been a very interesting day. I have been in talks with Peter Wood from Greenwood Days about volunteering on his courses. Greenwood Days is where I first learnt about green wood working about 3 years ago so it was wonderful to see the place again after all this time.

The workshop is based in a lovely woodland which is brilliant to work in as it gives one a sense of tranquillity whilst you work. Also it allows Peter to show people what to look for in a tree for wood working. But it was wonderful to work there in the outdoors and not having to worry about making “too” much mess.

But we worked on creating a bodgers muddle out of some ash which after two attempts did get better, couldn’t quite get it working properly. But after that we working on refurbishing all of Peters shaving horses to get them ready for his courses this summer which was good fun

By volunteering I hope to improve my skills by trying my hand at anything. Whether it is sharpening or making cups of tea it will add to my skills base and expand my knowledge of working wood. I look forward to working with Peter in the near future.