Friday, 1 April 2011

Maple Eating Spoons

Only a short post this time

My last post being about reproduction I thought it about time I show the results of my attempted reproductions on my blog.

Uni work is getting hectic at moment meaning less time to do other things… carving sadly. Luckily though, over the past week I found a few hours here and there to finish up some of the rough carved eating spoon blanks. Have tried my best to replicate my original maple eating spoon on the far right. The two on the left being the replicas again made out of maple. The shapes of the bowl are similar enough but the far left one being slightly more rounded and less elongated than the other two. Also notable are the variation in handles, which although not great in terms or reproduction, it does give a nice aesthetic when comparing them.

Either way it is a good feeling to be able to reproduce a spoon style and see the results. Cannot quite describe it fully but it is a nice feeling.