Sunday, 20 June 2010

Advanced Spoon Carving Course

At the start of this week I attended an advanced spoon carving course at robin woods. And I have to say it was exceedingly good.

Had to camp overnight this time but was worth it. Field head campsite in Edale is really good considering other places I’ve camped. Plus they had I little lake that I camped next which was wonderful to wake up to.

The course was really set out as one the first day we went over all the cuts with knife and axe (where I realised I’d forgotten a few things) and then progressed on to make tent pegs out of ash. This was then followed with the making of a good eating spoon. Now I’ve done eating spoons both good and bad but actually realising all the designing that goes into an eating spoon is rather interesting.

The second day was focused on learning how to use bent wood or “crooks”, as they are better known, to make spoons and importantly ladles. I had ago with a piece of birch crook to make a ladle and found that it was hard going. Once it was axed out I then had to learn how to use a bowl adze to do the rough hollowing. Using the bowl adze was good because I’ve always wanted to have ago but never quite understood the dynamics of the tool. Then came the hook knives to do the rest of the hollowing and in hindsight I wish I’d used the adze a bit more. I finished my ladle which still needs a bit of finishing but it should be rather nice.

On the third day my right froze up part way through. This was because of all the hard work of hollowing a kuksa, which is a real test of any carver’s stamina. It was an interesting project again as there were certain design aspects that I didn’t realise about like getting the edge to roll in, how you want the cup to stand, etc. it still needs a bit of finishing but is going to be a great drinking vessel. unfortunateley the camera run out of battery by then.

What was also good was that there was a basket maker from Cumbria (below) on the course as well who was camping next to me. We had some laughs and some good chats in the evenings. Phil if you’re reading this it was pleasure to meet you and I hope to see you and everyone else soon :-).
All in all, great fun, good company, good spoons, and an unforgettable experience.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

My summer of wood work has begun :-)!!!!

finally college has ended and my summer is here. have been so busy over the past 6 weeks i haven't had chance to blog much. but last week I turned my first bowls of summer. one is a piece of sycamore I left in a bag for a month which cuased some lovely patterns to come out as you can see. the second is a piece of laburnum I picked up in sheffield. although it turned out ok when I was cleaning up where the core snapped off a little hole appereared. was a tad annoyed but nothing that shavings and glue couldn't fix.

also this past week i've had some visitors to my workshop which was nice. they even left me a little message as well just so i won't forget them.

first time i've had visitors and i actually found it rather nice. they both enjoyed seeing how my lathe worked and all my tools aswell. And I gave them both a bowl which they liked. Its nice to know that there are still people out there who have an interest in crafts and enjoy the products that are made.