Sunday, 6 June 2010

My summer of wood work has begun :-)!!!!

finally college has ended and my summer is here. have been so busy over the past 6 weeks i haven't had chance to blog much. but last week I turned my first bowls of summer. one is a piece of sycamore I left in a bag for a month which cuased some lovely patterns to come out as you can see. the second is a piece of laburnum I picked up in sheffield. although it turned out ok when I was cleaning up where the core snapped off a little hole appereared. was a tad annoyed but nothing that shavings and glue couldn't fix.

also this past week i've had some visitors to my workshop which was nice. they even left me a little message as well just so i won't forget them.

first time i've had visitors and i actually found it rather nice. they both enjoyed seeing how my lathe worked and all my tools aswell. And I gave them both a bowl which they liked. Its nice to know that there are still people out there who have an interest in crafts and enjoy the products that are made.

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