Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Spoons Tonight

Recently its been a bit difficult to get round to doing any wood working due to college work. But today although being at college I have had just enough time to carve up some spoons out of some sycamore. the centre one is fully complete just waiting to be oiled and the left and right ones just need to dry and have the final cuts applied.

Although I did have some difficulty with my carving knife blunting even after I had sharpened it. after half an hour of tinkering finally realised that it wasn't the edge blunting, the edge was actually rolling over and just needed some intensive honing. Am now getting into the habit of honing my carving knife after every use just make sure it stays in good condition.
having done the spoons today i've remembered how much fun they are to do and now want to just do spoons for the rest of the week! what can I say, its addictive.

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