Thursday, 20 June 2013

New Homemade Axe Handle

Ever since I got my axe from olive mead forge it has been a joy to use. The weight of the head allows me to strip off wood like a hot knife through butter and the double bevel lets me carve concave's much easier than my single bevel gransfors. Even the beard of the axe looks stunning when in use, but the only issue I had with the axe was the handle. When it was supplied the handle was a tad too long though this was so I could cut the handle to the length I wanted. When this was done I found the handle was too slim for my hands which meant I had to grip harder, and having gotten used to that I felt that all was well. But over time I have been wanting to get a new handle to make it mor comfortable and personal for myself.

And this is the result.

I nice piece of ash carved with axe and knife to the shape and size I like. I chose a straight handle as that is more befitting of a medieval axe. Very few illustrations if any show curved handles for axes (shown below). But also because I felt the straight design would contrast nicely with the curved blade. the blade is kinking slightly to the left but that is fine for a left hander like myself.

(15th century italy)
(15th century Germany)
(15th century Belgium)

The wedge is a piece of birch I had lying around from some spoon blanks. I tend to use what I have at hand rather than travel to the ends of the earth for a small oak wedge. Use what you have local before your start looking further afield.

Now to give it a couple coats of linseed and beeswax.