Sunday, 7 November 2010

Laburnum Spoons

After cleaning out my workshop (desperately in need of one) I found that I had a few bits laburnum lying underneath the shavings. Then the thought occurred to me, having made a few spoons in laburnum recently and though I’d do a post on them.

I find the look of the wood to be exceptional, especially when one can get the contrast between the white sapwood and the dark heartwood. If one can incorporate this into the design of the spoon then it looks even better! The only difficulty in the wood is the feeling when carving. I have found that it is rather “gritty” when carving instead the smoothness of say birch or sycamore.

Either way this wood is ace and I definitely enjoy carving it. The spoon on the left has just been roughed tonight and one on the left was finished of last week.

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