Tuesday, 23 March 2010

First Blog, and a New Log Store

Considering this is my first blog I feel obliged to introduce myself. My name is Robert Nicholson and I am a media student and a green wood enthusiast. I have done a spoon carving foundation course with robin wood and have had numerous tutorials with Paul Atkin on bowl turning on pole lathe. I have now got myself setup quite nicely with a workshop, pole lathe, spoon carving tools and hopefully soon a gas forge (fingers crossed).

After doing green wood working for over a year and being a media student I thought it was about time that I started blogging about my works and what I generally get up to in my workshop. The reasoning for this blog is that I want to show more of what I do and (hopefully) get across to people how enjoyable green wood work actually is XD.

This past two weeks I and my dad have been working on getting my workshop a wood store to keep all my material close to hand. My workshop was in fact the summer house that we had in the garden but has now been renovated by myself. The log store consists of two Pallets for the base to keep the mud and stone off the material. Next were the four uprights and cross member to attach the roof.

Next came the assembly of the roof. We constructed the frame out of timber ready to receive the panelling.

Once the frame was complete we attached the panelling. The panelling used was actually the old dividing wall from the summer house that I tore down. That’s recycling for you.

Next was just attaching it to the uprights and screwing it into the wall of my shed.

Fully constructed and now just needs some roofing felt to finish the job.

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