Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Nice Weather for Some Work

now the weather has finally taken a turn for the better over here I have decided to do more woodwork. Have more light in the mornings and evening has thins a much more pleasurable experience as trying to carve in the dark is almost impossible (not to mention dangerous). So I have been going through some birch that I acquired from a nature park near my dads which is a lovely material to carve, its soft nature when green makes it easy work with an axe and knife but as it seasons it becomes lovely and hard to take a nice polished finish from the tool.

I was also able to get some cherry to make some bowls and got a few off cuts to make some spoons. All turned out quite well.

Having made so many spoons lately I can't wait to be apart of spoonfest this coming August. I was unable to to attend last year but will be good to share skills, thoughts, and methods.

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