Sunday, 24 February 2013

Making a New Pole Lathe Part 3

Have spent the past couple weeks finishing off the lathe so will try and make this the last post in regards to the construction.

Step One: Prepare the Metal Centres

once the material is found, grind the centres.

I like to have one center bent so I fired up the forge to bend the center

Step Two: Placing centres in poppets

Drill hole into poppets.

once the hole has been drilled take a mallet and strike the center until it sits perfect. Then simply check how the center looks and line it up with the other taller poppet and mark where the other need centre needs to be.

Step Three: Tool Rest Assembly

To start take the actual tool rest and mark a line where it sits level

This marks out where the support for the tool rest needs to sit (just below the line). so drill the hole there.

split a piece of wood and hammer into the hole. then place the tool rest on top.

Note: this tool rest alignment is for a left handed turner. for right handed reverse alignment.

Step Four: Treadle, Pole, and Done!!!
The lasts step for the lathe are to source a decent sized pole, some wood for an A-frame, and the treadle. When you have sourced all of this the last thing to do is tweak it all until you are happy with it and test the lathe out. I tested out a piece of sycamore to see how the lathe performed and I am pleased with the results.

If anyone has got any questions or feedback about this project please leave a comment on this blog.


  1. Excellent blog Rob,glad i found you.
    If you keep posting i keep learning.
    Thank you.


    1. no thank you piscator

      its nice to see folks reading my posts and enjoying them. Plus it inspires me to make more and share the knowledge.

      Robert :-)

  2. looks great man love your axe, was just wondering if you dont have a forge, how would you get hold of the metal centres and can you make bowls on this type of lathe?

    1. hi james

      not quite sure what you mean.

      the metal you can but from most DIY store. a decnt sized cold steel chisel would work fine.

      or if your asking about can you have a bowl lathe with out a bent centre then yes you can. i have seen robin woods travel pole lathe and it has no bent metal centre which works perfectly well.