Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Making a New Pole Lathe Part 1

Since my turnings a Sherwood Forest I have been thinking a lot about turning bowls. Realising that wanting to turn more I need a pole lathe for where I live at the moment. So I went back to Sherwood Forest to ask for some oak big enough to make a pole lathe. I was extremely lucky to find a piece big enough and get it back to mine. But instead of just making it I thought I might take a few snaps to show its construction, and help any other people who want to build there own.

Step one: splitting

First split the log into two halves with an axe and wedges.

I used only one axe and 3 wedges to split the oak and it cleaved rather straight.

Once done decide which will be the bed and legs, then take the legs half and split that into four even lengths.

All lovely and straight.

Step two: prepare the bed

Flatten off the bed with an axe and then mark up the slot. You can make the bed smoother with a spoke shave.

Step three: cutting the slot

Drill some holes with enough length to insert a saw. Then saw down the slot keeping it as straight as possible. Then remove the bark from the other side and drill some holes.

So far this is how far I have gotten. Now need to make the legs fit and test how it stands, then measure it against myself. If anyone has any questions or wants to ask me anything just leave a comment on this blog.


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    1. hi there

      thank you for your comments :-)

      I compose the articles on my own.